Understanding Children and Young Persons Development

Topics: Motor control, Motor skills, Psychology Pages: 2 (694 words) Published: March 23, 2013
Unit 331 understand child’s and young person’s development case study

X is a five year old child in Year 1 in a class of 30 other children the same age. He attends school on a full time basis. He is described as having learning, behavioural and communication difficulties however has not yet been diagnosed with any formal condition. He was badly neglected as a baby/ young child. Social services and a large group of external support staff are giving him and the school support. He has a brother also in year 1 and a sister in year 2.his team of support staff believe he will benefit from attending primary school with his siblings He is regularly disruptive in class which has led to him requiring a one on one assistant. His disruption can be so severe that every session he has to be removed and taken to an empty classroom for one on one care. Physical development

Although quite a small child for his age x enjoys physical activities and will attend a physical education lesson. He has good gross and fine motor skills, he can hold catch and throw a ball, and he can control a ball when rolling it on the floor with a racket and use a racket to hit a ball when thrown at him. He can run, hop and skip. He also has good fine motor skill and can hold a pen or a paintbrush. Behavioural, social and emotional development

X has very poor behavioural development he has a very short attention span and will only sit at an activity for a few minutes. He has no concept of the word “no” and when told “no” or refused an activity he wants to do he will be become very angry and disruptive. He will throw chairs, kick hit and lash out at whoever is near him and has to be removed and restrained for his own and others safety. He can become very emotional during these outbursts often sobbing for long periods of time. Socially his development is also poor he has developed few friendships mostly because he spends so little time in class or with his peers. Another reason he may not be...
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