Understand Your Parents, Who Is Living God for You!

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Hi Guys,

Please understand your parent's feelings for you.

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Understanding parents

No one can be the same as parents;
All other positions are lower for us.

now first of all you will ask why parents?
Because you read about many love stories whose
family has gone against their love, and at that time I
will ask you – do you know in the past age guys
who sacrificed anything for their parents? Will you? I
don’t want to give an example of anyone here because I
don’t see who did what in past, and who is doing what in
the present, but I believe what we can do in the present by good way - which will be best for our future. So I am
telling you to understand your parents’ mind regarding
your marriage, religion, cast, and dreams for you.
Who are “YOU?” How were “You” originated?
Who is the originator of “You?” You originated from

your parents love. Parents are the creator of us, they are
supreme to us and even to God, as mother is the heaviest
from the earth and father is the highest from the sky. You
should try to make them happy, as this is your duty
because you can’t count what pains and difficulties they
tolerated to make you in this condition, and without them
your creation is impossible, so you can’t live happily by making them unhappy or without their blessing. You
can’t imagine the pain of your parents, mainly your
mother, but you can know that - difficulties - when you
will feel the same pain during and after the birth of your
own child. Do you know that 99% of parents are always
ready to do anything to see their child happy? Their love
is unconditional and no one can love like them. If you
would love someone, and later your parents know about
this, and think that your partner isn’t right for you or your family, they will be agree with you because they want to
keep you happy always - this is called parenting. No one
in the world will agree with all your conditions to make
you happy.

When parents agree in all the conditions to make their
children happy, is it not the child’s duty to make their
parents happy?

Human beings were not born out of their own will.
Human beings shouldn’t forget that when they were
embryos in their mother’s womb, they not only received
physical nutrition but also love. Human beings in this
physical world are not only getting materialistic nutrients, but also the essential factors of life – the love of parents and the love of God. Our aim is to establish a lovely
environment in the spirit world, where human beings can
love us and live together with love, eternally. Parental
love is the greatest love in the world, forever. It is
impossible to cut it off. That is why parental love is
absolutely unchanging. There is no way to touch it. In
loving their babies, parents risk their lives.
Parents naturally want to give precious things to
their children by which the children will be good human
beings in society. This is the essence of love. Parental
love is unconditional and unlimited in the presence of
children. Parental love is the origin of love. That way
orphans who never received parental love in their life,
even if the orphans have some delicious food to eat and a
good house in which to sleep, their hearts always hunger
for parental love. Even if they spend an enjoyable life in
his or her orphanage, their time is not truly happy. The
little orphans always want for a parent’s love, even while they are awake or asleep. That is because every human
being is supposed to grow up in the bosom of love.
Parental love of a thousand years ago and that of the
present time are identical. In the fluctuating course of
history, parental love never changes and will never...
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