Underage Drinking Annotated Bib.

Topics: Drinking culture, Legal drinking age, Alcohol law Pages: 10 (3325 words) Published: April 4, 2011
Underage Drinking:
Annotated Bibliography

Alexis Richter
Comp 2
February 27th, 2010
Engs, Ruth C. "Why the Drinking Age Should be Lowered: An Opinion Based Upon
Research." CQ Researcher. N.p., 20 Mar. 1998. Web. 9 Feb. 2011.
The article “Why the Drinking Age Should be Lowered: An Option based upon Research” is about twenty years of research based underage drinking done by Ruth Engs. It talks about the way things were in the past compared to how things are now. The research done for this article shows that binge drinking is mostly found in the age below 21 due to the lack of being taught responsible drinking habits. In this article there are many statistics dealing with drinking at a college level over a long span of time. Engs research has shown that in other cultures where drinking is brought in to people lives earlier than her in the United States there are fewer drinking related problems. They do not see It as bad, and are taught responsible drinking. This one of the reasons Engs believes the drinking age should be lowered

This article relates to my thesis entirely. Engs sees the drinking age as more of a problem then a help and that is why this article relates to my thesis. Her research helped me better support the reasoning in my thesis also.

This source is creditable because Ruth Engs is a well educated person who teaches at Indiana University. She teaches in the Applied Heath Sciences department and the issues covered in that field closely relate to issues dealing with alcohol. Also in the title it states that her opinion is based off of research.

Hingson, Ralph W. "College-Age Drinking Problems." Public Health Reports. N.p.,
Feb. 1998. Web. 9 Feb. 2011. .
The article titled “College-Age Drinking Problems” by Ralph Hingson is about the effects alcohol abuse has on a college-age level. This article was stemmed from deaths that had occurred due to alcohol abuse at a couple of colleges. The accidents were results of the consumption of too much alcohol. This strikes up the topic of drunk driving. “Nationwide in 1996, 10,431 people ages 15 to 24 died in fatal motor vehicle crashes and 45% of those traffic deaths were alcohol-related.” (Hingson) This meant that law enforcement had to start taking action. A increase in everything was necessary. Such as, help from the community by reducing the amount of alcohol sold to minors. Another big issues brought up is the importance of student involvement in the effort to find solutions for this problem.

This article fits with my thesis for a couple of reasons. It talks about the effects of what underage drinking can do when abused. Another thing relative to my thesis is when the article talks about finding solutions to this problem and who all needs to me involved in the situation. This article also shows me how far we’ve come in reducing fatalities due to drunk driving and underage drinking in general, which gives me a broader perspective.

The article is creditable because the source was found on a government website. On of the reference sources used for this article include the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Even though the article was published in 1998 it has valuable information to compare and contrast with the way they alcohol abuse was then and the way it is now. Kiesbye, Stefan, Ed. Should the Legal Drinking Age be Lowered. Farmington Hills:

Christine Nasso, 2008. Print.
The book Should the Legal Drinking Age be Lowered is a compliance of authors, surveys, and national organizations take on why the drinking age should be reconsidered This book is aimed towards supporting reasons, facts, surveys, and research done that bring up the question of whether the drinking age should be lowered. The issues brought up, in a more broad view, are things like how youths could be taught how to drink responsibly at a younger age, the myths related to why lowering the drinking age is a bad idea, and the reasoning...
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