Drinking Culture and American Social Norms

Topics: Drinking culture, Alcoholism, Legal drinking age Pages: 4 (1307 words) Published: March 25, 2012
SPEECH #3 – PERSUASIVE SPEECH Name: DANIEL C. DILIGENT Title: Lowering the Legal Drinking Age Specific Purpose: To argue in favor of lowering the minimum legal drinking age in the United States. Thesis Statement: I will discuss 1) the current legal drinking age, 2) the effect that this drinking age has upon American social norms, and 3) the potential benefits of a lower drinking age. I. INTRODUCTION A. Hook: Alcohol is ever-present in today’s American society. Television viewers are constantly bombarded with advertisements promoting its consumption. Social events rarely take place without their attendees drinking some alcoholic beverage or another. However, young people in America are told by society that they are not allowed to participate in the common social activity of drinking until they reach the age of 21. Thus, when they find ways around this stipulation – and most of them do – young men and women often engage in irresponsible drinking. Ultimately, the most effective way to cure this social imperfection is to lower the minimum legal drinking age and to begin educating young men and women about responsible alcohol use sooner. B. Rapport: Most of you are either at or near the current legal drinking age of 21. Undoubtedly, each of you has been affected by the minimum drinking age in one way or another. Whether you have been turned away from a bar or compelled to partake in clandestine drinking practices, you have all been impacted by this age restriction. C. Credibility: Good evening, my name is Danny Modafferi. I too have felt the impact of the age restriction on alcohol consumption. For example, I have been confined in my ability to cultivate my love for craft beers. I have researched the laws of California extensively in search of a way around these rules, but I have been unsuccessful. As I am now nearing my twenty-first birthday, I am turning my focus to advocating for the reduction of the drinking age for the sake of future generations. D. Bridge: This...
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