Underage Drinking

Topics: Drinking culture, National Minimum Drinking Age Act, Legal drinking age Pages: 3 (675 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Underage Drinking
Stacey Johnson
University of Phoenix
Mr. Johnson
April 16, 2012

Underage Drinking
The topic I chose is underage drinking. The reason I chose this topic is due to the number of teens that consume alcohol that under the age of 21. Upon doing research for this topic, there are many topics to choose from. I was able to narrow it down and research three topics that I think would be significant to the paper that I will be writing. I searched the Scholarly Journals in EBSCOhost, for drinking under the age of 21, and drinking at the legal age of 21. I also researched Scholarly Journals in ProQuest for underage drinking, the fatalities of underage drinking, lowering the minimum drinking age to 18 and the pro’s and con’s of underage drinking. I researched articles that were written by various authors, looking for their point of view of each subject, and also those that have done research on subjects pertaining to the topic I chose.

Fagan, A., Hawkins, D., & Catalano, R. (2011). Engaging Communities to prevent Underage Drinking [Academic Journal]. EBSCOhost, 34(2), 167-174. The authors have done research and have found that there are multiple risk factors that may contribute to alcohol use among teens. Some of the factors include peer pressure, academic failure, and the community norms in which they live and alcohol use amongst family members. Studies have found that by getting communities involved, creating coalition groups within the community’s research has shown this to be an effective tool in decreasing the use of alcohol

among teens. In conclusion the author’s research shows that with the community’s efforts, alcohol use amongst teens can be significantly reduced. This information would be secondary, because it was based on research done by the author.

Teran, A. (2010). Does the Minimum Drinking Age Save Lives [ProQuest Scholarly Journal]. Federal Legislation; Traffic Accidents & Safety;...
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