UK ABA Autism Education Competence Framework Version 1.1

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UK ABA Autism Education Competence Framework Version 1.1 November 2011




The UK ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) Autism Education Competence Framework is for practitioners working with children and young people with autism. The project has been funded by Ambitious about Autism, the national charity for children and young people with autism, primarily through generous grant donations. A project management group, led by Ambitious about Autism and including Bangor University and a parent member, worked with the support of, and in collaboration with, key stakeholders from the ABA and autism communities across the UK. The development of this framework has been possible through the generous donation of the following organisations and an individual donor: Allan and Nesta Ferguson Trust Evan Cornish Foundation Harold Hyam Wingate Foundation Porticus - UK The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Parent (anon.)

© 2011 UK ABA Autism Education Competence Framework

What is ABA? Our values What is the UK ABA Autism Education Competence Framework? Who is the Framework for? What does the Framework include? The UK ABA Autism Education Competence Framework 3 4 5 6 7 11

Competences Section 1: The Science and Practice of ABA ABA Professionalism 15 49

Section 2: Autism and Education: Understanding Context Autism Education (England) 53 66







List of BACB approved course providers in the UK


What is Applied Behaviour Analysis?
Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) uses an understanding of why behaviour occurs to address a wide range of social issues, including helping individuals to learn. Like other applied sciences, ABA can be applied to a range of populations and settings (e.g., business and industry, education, gerontology, healthcare) and to a range of social concerns (e.g., anxieties, depression, phobia, addiction, behaviours associated with autism). What distinguishes ABA from other disciplines is not just that it focuses on behaviour and the context (environment) in which behaviour occurs, but that for behaviour analysts, behaviour and environment are broadly defined. Behaviour encompasses all of the activities people engage in (including actions, interactions, talking and thinking) and environment encompasses both the physical and social events, external and internal, that people experience. Behaviour analysts use principles of learning and laws of behaviour that have been scientifically demonstrated, and use clearly defined procedures to specify how to change behaviour. The effectiveness of any behaviour change intervention is continually monitored and evaluated. The primary focus of ABA is on behaviour that is important to individuals, in terms of enabling them to lead more fulfilling lives. Practicing behaviour analysts work to achieve positive behaviour change for individuals, groups of people, and for organizations and society as a whole. Behaviour analysts might be involved in helping to make a positive difference to behaviour change in any context in healthcare, public health, social care, education, or business. Behaviour analysts work with people to help achieve behaviour change by using ABA-based intervention approaches.

UK ABA Autism Education Competence Framework


Our Values
In common with other helping professions, behaviour analysts always aim: to do no harm to ensure that people are safe and feel secure to promote the right of every individual to beneficial help and support irrespective of intellectual ability, age, culture, gender, sexuality, or other background to work in the best interests of individuals and their families and carers In addition, the practice of behaviour analysis is characterised by the following commitments: ambition for the person, and optimism about what is possible for them an assumption of every person’s ability to develop and learn a determination not to limit expectations...
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