Ugg Analysis

Topics: Conceptions of self, Self-esteem, Country code top-level domain Pages: 1 (306 words) Published: April 10, 2011
UGG ANALYSIS for many years the conception of consumer self concept has been the focus of consumer behaviour .self concept is created by self esteem and self image . how you see you self and how others see you . the greater chance tou reach potential and maintain a positive perspective .so self concept become more significant ,because many purchases directly influenced by the image. we can ues a particular example to support this point .UGG boots made by Australia ,so it has been very popular during winter . almost every girl owns apair. we can get it for $100. however there is a huge bag in china .You sould pay 2000RMB (300AUD) for a pair really UGG boots in China. But so many girls would like buy it in China .why? The reason is self concept . UGG ues differen color and different style for boots in the image .it is a good way to reveal its image to girls . they are target coustomer .but in the Australia . we can wear it in the winter .but in china ,there are no need to wear it in some city where is not so cold in winter .so this is consumer self concept.lastly , in china , since every body has been buying them ,every body want to own one pair . when the sales increase .it showns that people agree the value of UGG,so they were ignore price for it .so high demand of the boots maintained the value beyondits cost . so as this aspect , there is huge opportunity for Australia export. on the other hand , it is related to the different lifestyle between Australia and China . Australian like confortable lifstyle but Chinese pursue materially lifestyle . so company use this feature make differen images for Australia and China to segment its market .To make better self image for different market segnentation
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