Rogerian Theory

Topics: Developmental psychology, Psychology, Adolescence Pages: 4 (1171 words) Published: September 1, 2008
This summary will discuss the major aspects of week eight's topic question one. Looking at self esteem, self concept and how they both relate within peer groups in society. Furthermore looking at the roles that social/ welfare workers play when dealing with socially isolated, lonely or unpopular children. This can be broken up into a more simplified approach of looking at all of the above through the following:

What is self esteem?
Self esteem is how a person perceives themself. This can be positive or negative in most cases it can be both. Self esteem may change depending on how other people view you, this is because society has made people believe, act and think in certain ways, the reason being is that society has been organised through expectations. This again will always change through the development of self esteem as the child develops through experiences this may change the way they will think of themselves. This is evident through school children as the young may only describe them self through physical appearance and then as they grow older start to see more than the superficialities and describe more meaningful aspects of themselves such as psychological or personality qualities (Peterson 2004).

What is self concept?
Self concept is the gathering of knowledge about the self. This can be relevant to physical appearance, personality traits, beliefs, values and much more Self-Concept. Self concept same as self-esteem will change reflecting society and developmental changes throughout the stages of the person's life.

What is a peer group and what does it involve?
Children's interaction with their age-mates is known as peer groups they could be in several settings such as the school, organised group activities and informal relationships (Schiamberg, 1988). Peer groups may have same-sex individuals as they are more comfortable with each other. Peer groups consist of many...
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