Ubd Lesson Plan

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Understanding by Design Lesson Plan

Subject Level: English 4
Title: Education for Life
No. of Meetings: 5 days
Topics: word analysis, structuring dialogues/english sentence and performing a play

Established Goals| Understanding|
At the end of the week unit the learners will be able to:G. 1 Assess the effectiveness of listening strategies employed considering text types, the listening task and purpose for listening to be able to produce an effective speech.G. 2Develop strategies for coping with unknown words and ambiguous sentence structures and discourse for organizing speech.| Essential understandingsStudents will understand that…1. Every speaker has a strong purpose.2. A word, phrase or sentence can reflect the culture, personality and background of the speaker.3. speaking is a way to understand each other or people of other levels.| TransferThe student, in the long term and on his/her own will be able to…1. Write and perform a short play with correct grammar intonation and feelings.2. Communicate confidently to convey his/her ideas with correct delivery, projection and gestures.3. Engage in creative and purposeful projects.| | Essential Questions|

| 1. Why do you want to learn?2. How do you want to learn?3. Do you believe that people live what they learn? Why? Why not?| | Knowledge and Skills|
| Students will know how to:1. Analyze words and sentences 2. Relate written text to real life3. Use the concepts of listening strategies4. Value teamwork and team effort| Students will be skilled at:1. Understanding and analyzing unknown words or sentence structures2. Listening attentively to what is spoken3. Writing speeches4. Identifying the speaker’s tone, attitude and purpose.6. Voicing out his/her opinions and emotions about a text.| Stage 1 AlignmentTo obtain evidence of…| Evaluative CriteriaWhere performance is judged in terms of…| Assessment EvidenceStudents will need to show their learning by…| | Analytic Rubrics:Content / Ideas Acting Skill Fluency Volume and Quality of Voice Group Dynamics Costume and Props | Performance Task(s):Drama/Role PlayingG - D – Dynamics of the group. Everyone must participate. No one must be left out in the team. R - R – Reveal the creativity in every student.A - A – Acting prowess must be displayed.S - M – Must show effort and hard work.P - A – Ability to capture audience interest.S – S – Sensational performance and delivery.| | | Other Evidences:Recitation Enrichment ActivitySelf Check Questions| -------------------------------------------------

Summary of Key Learning Events and Instruction
Day 1: Note Taking (Hook)
1. Introduce the essential questions.
2. Allow the students to answer according to their own experiences. Don’t correct their answers. 3. Inform them about the output which would be speech or address and present to them the criteria on how their performance will be graded. 4. Present a listening text, gettysburg address, to the students and let them answer the questions which will be helpful in checking their note taking, vocabulary and comprehension skills. 5. Give the students an assigned reading text to be discussed next meeting.

Day 1: Listening Text Questions (The Analects by Confucius)
1. How did the speaker begin his topic?
2. Who, do you think, are his specific target readers? Explain. 3. According to Confucius "Learning without thought is a snare: thought without learning is a danger." Do you agree with him? Why? 4. Give illustrations to the truth of the statement: "The man of wisdom does not vacillate; the man of natural goodness does not fret; the man of valor does not fear." 5. Comment on the author's view that the maxim of charity is ought to be acted upon throughout one's life. Support your answer. 6. Think about Confucius' views on the...
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