Types of Web Sites

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Types of Web Sites

A web site is a set of related web pages containing content such as text and multimedia which was stored on a web server. According to a textbook named Discovering Computers 2012: Chapter Two, type of web site were categorized to thirteen types which were described as below:

1) Web Portal

A web portal is a web site which aggregates many functions as a point of access to information in the internet and presents information from diverse sources in a uniform manner. Web portal offers many internet services such as e-mail, news updates, latest information of the stock prices in the market, information about technologies, database of document files, entertainment such as video and audio, and most of web portal has a search engine feature as well. It was a very unique web site as it provides a very consistent feel and organized view when we access control and procedures for many of its application and the search of its database. Many companies provide portal web sites these days with the function of combining the company resources information in a single centralized location in an internal network with a format for ease of use and access by their employees. Some web portal that we can easily notice and were commonly used around the world is iGoogle, MSN, Yahoo!, AOL and Netvibes.

2) News

This type of web site may sometimes refer to an online newspaper or web newspaper. It was an online version of a printed bulletin that can be viewed online which containing newsworthy material. This website are mostly the same as the hard-copy newspaper that we seen everyday people reading it and has the same legal boundaries like privacy and copyright of its company. Yet, business owner or organizations are given an opportunity to apply for online publications and promotions in it. Online news web site drives newspaper companies to a new era of business where they keep on competing each other in presenting latest breaking news in a timelier manner....
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