Unit 4 Business Communication

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Verbal communication
Verbal communication is when a person communicates with someone in a way that they can hear and understand each other. It can be done in many different ways such as telephone, face to face and meetings. Although verbal communication is the easiest it has its advantages and its disadvantages just like every way of communication.

In terms of Tesco’s verbal communication the example are the following: * Customer services
* Tannoy system
* Meetings
* Interaction with customers

The tannoy system is one way of the verbal communication in the Tesco industry they use them a lot for either flinging a lost child in the shop or getting staff to a till immediately this is one of the fastest ways of communication in a Tesco shop.

The second way of communication in is meeting the also use them a lot because that’s one of the most important things in the business, they need to sit and discourse about what’s happening in the business what they need to do to make it better. The biggest and most important communication in Tesco is the verbal interaction with the customers.

We see written information everywhere on a day to day base around Tesco information is any information written down in words or symbols. This is the one of the easiest ways to communicate with a person and written information can really help the customers that are deaf or hard hearing. * posters

* letters
* reports
* PowerPoint
* leaflets

Web bases information is collection and distributing information through the web or internet. For Tesco’s website web-based information can be used for in informing Competitor and performance for the customers the people that don’t know anything about the website and have an interest for chopping at Tesco’s and the staff within or outside the shop. * Internet

On-screen information is any information that I presented on screen such as a...
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