Portal vs. Website

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Answer: Portal vs Site
A portal is generally a vehicle by which to gain access to a multitude of 'services'. A web site is a destination in itself.  As such the term website refers to a location on the Internet (see this) that is unique and can be accessed through a URL (see this). By that definition a web portal is in fact also a website.  However there is a distinction between the two terms based on the subject and content of the website.  A website is also a web portal if; 

It transmits information from several independent sources that can be, but not necessarily are, connected in subject; thus offering a public service function for the visitor which is not restricted to presenting the view(s) of one author.   The Portal and website can be differentiated as :

Portal: It provides facility of Logging-In. Provides you with information based on who you are.  e.g. mail.yahoo.com, gmail.com, rediffmail.com 
Website: No log-in. 
e.g. www.yahoo.com 

Portal: Limited, focused content. Eliminates the need to visit many different sites.  e.g. You type in your user name and password and see your yahoo mail only.  Website: Extensive, unfocused content written to accommodate anonymous users needs. 

Customization :
Portal: You will select and organize the materials you want to access. Organized with the materials you want to access.  Website: Searchable, but not customizable. All content is there for every visitor.  e.g. you can navigate to yahoo mail, yahoo shopping, geo cities, yahoo group. If you wish to use any of these services you will either have to authenticate yourself and see things personalized to you or you can simply visit sections that are for everyone like yahoo news were if you are not signed in then the default sign in is guest. Portal vs Website.

I am answering this question from a knowledge based view. A website is a site that showcase static information about the organization. Typical ones demonstrates the...
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