Types of Network Solutions to Enable ICT Retail Business

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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| 2013|
| Computer Applications Technology
Tumisang Thebe Modiba

[Practical Assesment Task: ICT Retail Business]|
This Document contains Phases 1, 2 and 3 of the PAT Task for 2013.|

Table of Contents
Task Description2
Key Question2
Different Types of Network Structures Available3
New Products / Services4
Promotions and Advertising5
Staff Related Information6
All Other Business Related Issues7

Task Description
In this PAT, I will be investigating the different types of network solutions that will enable an ICT retail business head office to communicate with its two branches with ease. Transferring information relating to the company policies, new products, company promotions and advertising to relevant departments, staff related information and other business related issues. The type of network I will be looking find should be able to deal with the grow in the business in long term but also be able to provide more security to the business as a whole when it comes to insuring the sharing and communication with different branches is safe and reliable. I will use the internet, expert advice which I will receive through conducting interviews with a few network administrators. This will help my increase my knowledge and understanding of the different types of network solutions that’s are available that can meet the needs of the business. Once I have completed my research I will then make use of MS Office programs like Ms Word, MS Excel and MS Access to capture and analyse my findings. My final decision and research process will be presented in a MS PowerPoint presentation. With my final report compiled in MS Word. Key Question

What is the most cost effective network solution that could help the business deal with its current needs in an network but also be able to deal with the business’s potential grow in the future?

Different Types of Network Structures Available|
| Type of Question| Question| Sources/...
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