It 240 Week 2 Appendixb

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Appendix B

LAN Operating Systems Scenarios

Read the three scenarios below and answer the questions that follow each scenario.

1. You are the network administrator for a new company that has 10 users and that plans to add 5 more users within a year. The files need to be accessed by all 10 users, and each user must have different security rights.

What kind of network would you install? How would the pieces and components of this network relate to each other? Define each component. I would suggest installing a Local Area Network, which will supply networking capabilities to computers in the company. The set up for installation requires a modem and wireless routers to be able to connect all computers to the internet, using Ethernet cables or wireless card connections will allow all computers access to the internet via a broadband connection. Each computer or client will be able to access all necessary information on the network this can be achieved by utilizing file sharing will allowing that company to dictate who has access to what information on the network. I would also suggest printer sharing, which will allow the company to dictate who has access to the printer. I would also utilize TCP/IP Protocols; which are the rules that allow computers to connect to one another and that enable computers and peripheral devices to exchange information. 2. You are the network administrator for a company that has a peer-to-peer network.

How would the pieces and components of this network relate to each other? Define all the components of this type of network. A peer-to-peer network is a network where each workstation has equivalent capabilities and responsibilities. In this type of network there is no dedicated server, each workstation acts as a server and they share the responsibilities that a single dedicated server would. Each workstation is allowed to access all information allowed by the owners of each workstation. Each...
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