Types of Cement

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Types of Cement
Rapid Hardening Portland Cement
Rapid Hardening Portland Cement(RHPC) is a special purpose cement used in concrete to achieve a higher rate of early strength development, compared to using Normal Cement. The improved early performance of RHPC is achieved principally through increased product fineness. Typical applications of RHPC include precast concrete production, concrete masonry, urgent repair work and cold weather concreting.

Extra Rapid Hardening Cement
An extra rapid hardening cement ideal for concreting and mortar applications where early opening to traffic is essential. When mixed with site aggregates it produces a fast setting, early high strength mortar or concrete. It is ideal for use on cable box floors, road crossings, and sign and camera bases. Exceptional strength gain Up to 20N/mm squared can be achieved in one hour Versatile - can be mixed to produce concrete or mortar Early opening to traffic More economical than proprietary mixes

Low Heat Concrete/concrete
Low Heat concretes are designed to generate a much lower heat of hydration than standard concrete. This is important in mass concrete applications such as dam walls, thrust blocks, mass concrete footings or other large elements. The low heat characteristics mean that cracking is less likely due to the smaller heat variations that occur as the concrete sets. Features & Benefits|

 Lower heat of hydration than standard concrete|
 Excellent for mass concrete applications/large elements|

White Concrete/cement
White portland cement is perfect for decorative concrete because it provides a neutral tinting base. This allows for the brightest, richest colors to be achieved in concrete, and requires the least amount of pigment to accomplish the chosen color. Conversely, where muted colors are wanted, white cement allows for the cleanest pastels. And, where no color at all is desired, white cement allows for bright white concrete to be made. It is important to note that sand acts like a pigment, too, so sand color should be considered when formulating the concrete. White sands, either manufactured or natural, are good choices for decorative concrete.

White cement could be used for any of the same applications where gray cement is used, but it rarely is. As a premium product, it is best suited to specialty applications where appearance is a high priority, like precast and stamped concrete. It’s also used to make colored mortars and stucco finish coats.  Portland Sulphate Resisting Cement

The use of Portland Sulphate Resisting Cement has proved beneficial, particularly in conditions where there is a risk of damage to the concrete from sulphate attack. The use of Sulphate Resisting Portland Cement is recommended in places where the concrete is in contact with the soil, ground water, exposed to seacoast, and sea water. In all these conditions, the concrete is exposed to attack from sulphates that are present in excessive amounts, which damage the structure. This is the reason that the use of the Sulphate Resisting Portland Cement have increased in India. 

The Sulphate Resisting Portland Cement should be kept in a place which is dry otherwise through premature hydration and carbonation the quality of cement deteriorates.  It can be used for purposes wherever Portland Pozzolana Cement, Slag Cement, and Ordinary Portland Cement are used.

Water-repellant Cement
Water repellent cement for use in place of ordinary Portland cement to overcome capillary absorption of moisture into cement mortar, cement plaster and concrete. This cement is used for preventing loss of water from water-containing structures. For reducing moisture movement, crazing, the loss of water and moisture penetration. For reducing rising damp in brickwork when used in mortar. It is suitable for reducing permeability in concrete tanks, reservoirs, sewerage works, cellars, basement walls and floors, garage pits, walls and precast stone. Portland blast...
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