Twitter vs Facebook

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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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Facebook vs. Twitter
Which is the better social network?

In this generation, social networking is one of the biggest things to teenagers. It’s something that we love to do; meet new people, see what’s going on in other people’s lives, and most of all become INTERNET FAMOUS. But which social network is more appealing, Facebook or twitter? Personally, I believe that Facebook is more of a now thing and the reason why I say that Facebook is better than twitter is because Facebook has more to offer, there are no restrictions for those who make a lot of post and Facebook is more credible.

Facebook is better than twitter because it has more to offer. What I mean by this is that when businesses want to make people buy into their product or whatever they want to put out there. They’re going to need to make them a website and a follow up page. The follow up page is, of course, Facebook. Facebook is better with business because business can contact friends to get followers and likes and have them spread the word. Plus other businesses’ can pitch in and invest in that particular company. Unlike twitter, you have a limit to followers for your company. That’s no fun, but Facebook can have as MANY followers, subscribers, likes and post/stats to promote their company. I would prefer to have a Facebook account for your business because of the opportunities that Facebook gives you and your company. Facebook updated and you can now send money to the company through the social network. That’s why Facebook is better than twitter.

Another reason why Facebook is better than twitter is because there are no restrictions to having too many posts. As I was scrolling through my news feed, one of my friends on Facebook posted, “I’m tired of going to twitter jail for having too many tweets UGHH!” Obviously she likes to share some advice or some parts of her life to her followers/friends. But why waste time on twitter when Facebook has UNLIMITED posts. You can share...
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