Facebook vs Tumblr

Topics: Social network, Network theory, Sociology Pages: 2 (671 words) Published: March 13, 2013
The Battle of the Social Networks
It is a matter of fact that social networks play a huge role in every aspect of a person’s life, and although Facebook takes the lead with its 450 million members, there are other social networks gaining adepts every day. If we were about to count how many social networks exist nowadays, we will face up with at least 350; and it continues growing every day. Specifically, Tumblr, a 30 million-member social network that is really popular among young people in developed countries is getting bigger every day. These two social networks, Facebook and Tumblr, are really different from each other in their functions, members and advertisements, but I consider Tumblr to be the best social network to express oneself. First of all, a social network is measured by the functions it has and how they help people communicate with others. In the first place, Facebook is an excellent tool to communicate with people you have not seen in a while. Also, it allows its members to share videos, links of other web pages and to communicate their feelings. In essence, Facebook is great when it comes to staying in touch with friends and relatives, and knowing what they are doing or thinking. On the other hand, Tumblr is great when people want others to know about their interests and likes because it allows sharing images, videos, audio clips and quotes, but its main appeal is the use of GIFS which are little animations that people can send to each other easily. Tumblr, in short, is about sharing media and self expression. Next, each social network is aimed to a specific part of the population, and their members are the ones who keep the social network working. As said before, Facebook is the social network with more members because almost everybody can use it. Sometimes it can be a good thing to have all your friends around, but it can also be an awful idea to be friends with strangers, and to be constantly bombarded with spam. Unfortunately, because of the...
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