Tv Watching or No Tv Watching for Children, Which One Is Better

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Intimate relationship, Family Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Student: Roxanne Chen
Student number: s1001218
Course: Composition II
Instructor: Dr. Tseng
Due Date: 03/11/2013
TV Watching or No TV Watching for Children, Which One is Better?
Nowadays there are many experts and parents have discussed whether it is good for children to watch TV, some of them approve of keeping children away from TV because of the inappropriate information or the harm to kids' eyes, however, others prefer to let the children watch TV as long as their parents accompany them, because by doing so, kids can learn plenty of information out of textbook, and it is also good for parent-children interaction. In fact, if the parents pay more attention to avoid those bad effects, children can benefit from TV a lot, such as educational channels, TV news, and the entertaining programs that boost the interaction in family.

When it comes to the knowledge provided by TV programs, there are several choices for children, for example, Discovery Channel is a good program which brings children to explore the world, besides, through the various kinds of knowledge of the Discovery Channel like geography, biology, technology and history, those information from this program is very helpful for children to build up their cognition to the world or even help them find out what they're interested in. On the contrary, those children who only focus on the knowledge in the textbooks, although their academic performances might be outstanding, but actually their mind is limited.

In addition, it seems that most parents are highly worry about the health issue TV brings about, although exposing eyes in the light of TV for too long does harm to children's health, however, if parents are willing to pay more attention to warn their kids, for example, limiting the time to watch TV, correcting the position they sit, reminding them not to be too close to the TV and so on, those health problems are all avoidable. Instead, some TV programs and TV news can teach children a lot...
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