Influence of Television Towards Children

Topics: City, Rural area, Urban area Pages: 4 (1099 words) Published: April 24, 2013

This research will study the influence of television towards children. This research purpose is to identify any related changes, consequences, and factors that will occur to children’s lifestyle as a result from the influence of the television towards them. This research will use open-ended and close-ended survey paper that will have to distribute to estimate amount of 2000 adult especially parents; this is to determine parents’ observation towards children development with television in rural and urban areas. It will also use interview method to interview the children directly, which is primary school and kindergarten with the estimate number of 200 children in urban areas and 200 children in rural areas. Then, this research also will use observation to observe any development or changes that the children will show as a result from television’s influence in terms of communication skills and self esteem or otherwise. The young children from age 5 to 8 years are expected to have more influence from the television whether from advertisements or programs content as they are unable to perceive the content according to its real message. This research is hopefully will provide better understanding on how television teach and affect children’s mentality as well as behavior, and give benefit to the parents also.

Television seems to be a very powerful media nowadays to spread many types of information. The information can be either negative or positive. Hence, this research paper is aiming to highlight the influenced of television towards the children. Television was categorized under electronic media, along with internet and radio.The electronic media give a strong influence towards the viewer if we compared with non-electronic media such as magazine and newspaper, maybe because people are more attached with electronic media. In case of...
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