Tutorial of Enterpreneur

Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Entrepreneurship Pages: 3 (1120 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Tutorial 8 (topic 7)
Preparing A Proper Ethical And Legal Foundation
Q1. In general, do entrepreneurs tend to overestimate or underestimate their knowledge of the laws that pertain to starting a new firm? What does answer to this question suggest that entrepreneurs do before they start a firm? In general, entrepreneurs tend to overestimate their knowledge of the laws that pertain to starting a new firm. Before entrepreneurs start a firm, they should seek for lawyer to get some legal advice, get sources and information about the business, refer to book, or search the information thru the internet about the legal issue that they face. Q2. Describe what is meant by the terms code of conduct and ethics training programs. What is their purpose? The term code of conduct is a formal statement of an organization’s values on certain ethical and social issues. Which means it is a set of formal statement for a firm or company to concern and emphasis on the values on ethical and social issues. For example, value that an organization expect employee to carry out some task, the method on how employee serve customer, social responsibility for an organization, privacy, and others. Then, ethics training programs is teaching business ethnics to help employee deal with ethical dilemmas and improve their overall ethnical conduct. It means, ethics training program is a set of system or some courses that use to lead employee deal with ethical dilemmas, which is a situation that employee involve some activities that is beneficial to oneself or the organization, but may be unethical. For example, an employee using company’s computer to carry out new program, thus this may raise an issue whether the new program is the property for an organization or the particular employee. Also, improve overall ethical conduct can be done by implementing an ethics training program because it can help employee to deal or response to ethical dilemma. The purpose for code of conduct and ethics training...
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