Tutorial 2

Topics: Scientific method, Peer review, Writing Pages: 2 (634 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Tutorial 2
Find a report of an experimental study in applied linguistics and give your comments. Report: “The effect of Peer Reviewing on Writing Apprehension and Essay Writing Ability of Prospective EFL Teachers” by Jamal Hamed Jahin (2012) I. Introduction

The framework of the study is quite clear in term of organization. The researcher went through all the necessary steps of an experimental research in turn including literature review, statement of purpose of the study, method of the study, the validity and reliability of the study, results and analysis, and discussion and recommendations for further research. First of all, as for Literature Review, the researcher indicated not only the role of writing in English in Saudi Arabia but the definition of peer reviewing, writing apprehension and essay writing ability as well. He also showed that there is a consistent relationship between writing apprehension and a variety of measures of competence in English. A useful technique used to improve writing apprehension is Peer Reviewing. That technique was mentioned in many studies before. This showed a very close relationship of this study with other previous ones. The researcher mentioned many previous studies about the positive effects of peer reviewing on the writing process and on the writer’s product. For example, Lundstrom and Bakerr’s (2009), Mittan’s (1989), Mangelsdorf’s are of those researches. However, no one carried out a study to “access prospective teachers’ writing apprehension level in the Saudi EFL setting and its relationship to their essay writing ability”. Besides, no study went through some teachniques to help lower EFL students in writing apprehension. Therefore, the researcher chose this topic for his research because of a very strong conviction in both theory and practice. In terms of theory, peer review in process-oriented instruction based on two different disciplines including learning and rhetorical theories. Only in writing can the...
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