Autoethnography: Writing Process

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John Doe
Autoethnography Paper
English 1101
After reading the article “The Composing Processes of Unskilled College Writers” by Sondra Perl I have been forced to understand how writers write. The writing process is a situation that is approached from various angles. In the writing process techniques and sequences from person to person are often diverse, but it is one of the ways one may be expressed. The goal of Perl study was to “see how unskilled writers write, can their writing process be analyzed in a systematic, replicable manner, and what does an increased understanding of their process suggest about nature of composing in general and the manner in which writing is taught in schools.” (191) With Perl performing this observation and collecting several amounts of data I decided to perform an observation on my writing by paying close attention to how I write. With analyzing I realized that my writing process have a very sequential pattern. I also have noticed that many acts of critical planning and editing are carried out through many of my writings and it has had a negative effect on the majority of my writing masterpieces. Subsequent to carefully critiquing my writing I have realized that all individuals have a different way they write. Methodology

In order to approach this assignment I had to choose between two assignments in my English 1101 class. It was between my midterm and my literacy narrative but I chose to perform the autoethnography of myself writing my “Literacy Narrative.” This assignment was a good one to use because it showed up in my autoethnography how I constantly struggled with keeping the paper more of an argument and less of a story. To start the composing process I cut off all the lights in my dorm room and turned on my desk lamp. I felt that this was the only way for the paper to have my full attention. I sat up comfortable in my computer chair and grabbed my laptop off of the dresser to pull up Microsoft Word....
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