Trung Nguyen's Case Study in Vietnam

Topics: Coffee, Mixed economy, Planned economy Pages: 14 (4738 words) Published: April 7, 2012
Trung Nguyen is a famous Vietnamese brand of coffee established in 1996. The Corporation contains of many companies like Trung Nguyen Joint Stock Company, Trung Nguyen instant coffee Joint Stock Company, Trung Nguyen coffee Limited Company, Vietnam Global Gateway Joint Venture and so on. Their major industries are manufacturing, processing and trading of tea, coffee; franchising and distribution services, modern retail like G7 mart. Trung Nguyen is the first Vietnamese company who succeeded in applying a form of franchising in domestic and overseas markets and also the biggest exporter in Vietnam of processed coffee. Trung Nguyen now is having a network of nearly 1,000 coffee shops across the country and franchised shops in 8 foreign countries such as USA, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, China, Cambodia, Poland, and Ukraine. Trung Nguyen coffee products and G7 instant coffee has been exported to 43 countries around the world with major markets such as the U.S. and China. In addition, Trung Nguyen has also built a system of more than 1,000 convenience stores and G7Mart distribution centers across the country. In this report, the mission, value and key objectives of Trung Nguyen are represented. The responsibilities of the firm also accompanied with the influence of its stakeholders. Moreover, the economic social and global environment in which Trung Nguyen Corp operates are investigated as well.

I. Indentify the mission, objectives and responsibilities of an organization within its environment 1. The mission, values and key objectives of Trung Nguyen Corporation Mission in the definition of Mintberg is the description of organization’s basic function in society, in terms of the products and services it produces for its clients. In the scenario of Trung Nguyen Corporation, the company also has its own mission statement. It is:” Creating the leading brand is carried out by bringing to everyone drinking coffee a source of creative inspiration and pride of Trung Nguyen style that is rich in Vietnamese culture". This mission statement was announced in 2003 and now available in the official website of the company ( ). In order to fulfill this mission, Trung Nguyen also set up a set of long-term as well as short-term objectives. They are: Dominating the domestic market and conquering the international market. * Moving from the width to the depth.

* Investing in coffee industry.
* Developing internal and international franchise system.

The values of Trung Nguyen Corporation represent the ideology of the company based on belief, values and attitudes. On the official website of the company, Trung Nguyen also lists out its values: * Inspired Creativity: This value is encouraged among the consumers and employees. * Develop and protect the brand: Every member has a responsibility of building, expanding, maintaining and protecting the Trung Nguyen trademark. * Consumer’s Orientation: Consumer satisfaction is the top priority in every activity and the target goal. * Build it success upon the partners’ success: A good partnership based on belief, respect and equality. The success of a partner is the success of the whole Trung Nguyen group * Develop strong human resources: Providing proper benefits-- both material and spiritual needs through training and developing opportunities for its employees. * Base on effectiveness.

* Promote social responsibility and community development: Actively contributing to the welfare of the community and the development of society. Information about the values of Trung Nguyen Corporation is available in the website of the company ( ). 2. The influence of stakeholders:

a. The internal stakeholders:
Internal stakeholders of Trung Nguyen Corporation include of its managers and employees, who have the intimately...
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