True Meanings of Holidays

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  • Published : August 19, 2008
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The United States of America prides itself on diversity, freedom and religious expression. Culturally, Americans have a common trend; the celebration of holidays. In most recent days, holidays have been condensed to a festival of bargains, retail finds and materialistic trinkets. We have reduced some of our most sacred holidays into giving and receiving gifts. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving are just a few examples of how today’s society has skewed the true religious, diverse meaning of the holiday. The prime example would be Christmas. Christmas is supposed to be a holy day of celebration; the symbolic birth of Christianity’s Son of God. But many children know Christmas for presents, Santa, and school vacation. Adults use Christmas time to ruin their credit with overspending, while ruining their waistline with overeating. Another holiday more commonly known for gift giving rather than actual sentiment is Valentine’s Day. I’ve associated Valentine’s Day with red roses, catchy love phrases, and cherubs with bow and arrows. The significance behind Valentine’s Day is widely unknown or forgotten. Halloween is good example of religious diversity in American culture that has been twisted into a holiday based on the consumer market. The pagan implications of Halloween are reduced to which action hero costume is fashionable and attending parties. Many Americans are unaware that Halloween has history. Lastly, Thanksgiving is another American holiday based more on overindulgence rather than significance. Although, Thanksgiving is known for the American traditions; Pilgrims, Native Americans, and giving thanks; the original concept for this day was left in the past. We celebrate the cranberry sauce, stuffing and turkey, not traditions.

Why do Americans celebrate various holidays? What is the true meaning of Christmas; and was the Son of God born on the twenty-fifth day of the month...
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