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Topics: Christmas tree, Christmas, Christmas controversy Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: February 11, 2012
Holidays are always beautiful events in our life even if we only have it once a year. It’s the time when families enjoy been together. It is a time when we all happy and forget all concerns during the year. It is the time to apologize if we have done something wrong. But the most important is been with the people you love the most. Modern Family is a really fun TV show they have thought something important about the holidays. Since most of them would not at home during Christmas Day they decide to have an express Christmas. Christmas day it is important for people that celebrate this holiday, for others is just another regular day. But, even if people don’t celebrate Christmas they have a holiday that could be the same when they enjoy and gather together with their family. For Modern Family, it was important for them to make this express Christmas because they wanted to have a family reunion and celebrate together. They all put their effort to accomplish their goal by buying the tree, putting the colorful lights, wrapping the presents and making dinner.

Modern Family shows us that if we really want something it must be done if you really desire it. We saw that most of them have complications doing what they have to do. The Christmas tree was crash by two cars, the turkey was trade for a Christmas present, and the angel that goes on the tree fly over the window and broke. They all thought that it was a waste of time in doing the express Christmas. But, one of the members of the family says that even though the plan fell they all are together and it was the most important. It was true, they have their family, love and they are all happy about what they have.

For many people Christmas could be a melancholy day where they don’t have any family or they do but they are far away. So, they don’t feel like celebrating since this type of holidays is to be with your family and love ones to celebrate. But, Modern Family, though us that even if something go...
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