Trivia About Rizal

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  • Published : October 10, 2012
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TRIVIA: The religion Rizalista believe that Rizal is the Reincarnation of God. SOURCE:

TRIVIA: Rizal was frequently stated in the book which Hitler wrote. SOURCE:

TRIVIA: Rizal was rumored to be gay. He had an affair with a male outside the country. SOURCE:

TRIVIA: Do you know that there are rumors that Adolf Hitler of Germany was son of Rizal? SOURCE:

TRIVIA: The mother of Zedong once became in love with Rizal, she was rumored to be one of the girlfriends of Rizal but there is no enough evidence. SOURCE:

TRIVIA: Do you know that Mao Zedong was rumored to be son of Rizal? SOURCE:

TRIVIA: Do you know that there are three Species that were named after Rizal. SOURCE:

TRIVIA: The first species that Rizal discovered was the Flying Dragon on which the scientific name was Draco Rizali SOURCE:

TRIVIA: Rizal was the first man to discover the species of toad which scientifically called Rachophorous Rizali SOURCE:

TRIVIA: Rizal discovered a species of beetle which scientifically called Apogonia Rizali when he stayed at Dapitan. SOURCE:

TRIVIA:  Rizal is one of the few recognized “Renaissance man” in the world. SOURCE:

TRIVIA: Rizal is a good Sculptor, and his first obra was the Face of Sto. Nino. SOURCE:
TRIVIA: Rizal has a 27 profesion.

TRIVIA: Do you know that Rizal got Sobrasaliente grade at Ateneo de Municipal. SOURCE:

TRIVIA:  He traveled extensively and had been to the United States, Spain, Great Britain, France, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Italy, Singapore, Borneo, Hong Kong, China and Japan. SOURCE:

TRIVIA: His first...
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