Travel and Tourism Airports and Airlines

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Exploring Airports and Airlines

Assignment No: 14b

Assignment title: The Passengers Journey

Subject Lecturer: Monish Bhandari

For this task I will be explaining the passenger’s journey throughout an airport, and what they will come across. I’ll explain the journey from walking through the entrance to boarding your flight, there are also many facilities you and others will find useful.

Functional areas-landside
As the passenger walks through the entrance they come across the automated check-in desk if this is convenient for you, an automated check-in is a self-check in system where you scan your passport and put in your reference number where you get from checking in online. This is a fast an easy way to check you in especially if you’re late for a flight and have no time to queue, the E-check-in (automated check in) is mostly used and there for people of business but can also be used by anyone who may want to check them self’s in faster than usually. If not there will be an alternative check in desk where someone can assist you. You will need your passport and your reference number. The next step will be to check in your luggage, if you have a carry on then you will go straight to security if not then you can put your bags through to the fast track bags if you have checked in using the automated check in, if someone has assisted you than they will also check in your luggage. Check in

E-check in


Passport control
There are two queues. One is for EU/UK and the other one if for non-EU/UK passengers. You have to make sure that all your necessary paper work is all up to date and you passport has not expired while you’re travelling. That’s for safety reason and to be sure that you don’t have any criminal affairs or wanted anywhere around the world.

Airport security
When arriving at airport you have to show security your boarding card along with your passport then remove all metal objects for example jewellery, belts phones etc. and place all your items in a trey, it will go through an x-ray witch will show whether you are holding any illegal items, if you are it will be confiscated or if serious enough you will be arrested and will miss your flight. If you have nothing to declare you will walk through a metal detector, to see if you are holding any illegal weapons. If you are metal free you will then walk through. You will be asked the usual security questions related to baggage.

Arrivals meet & greet
Knowing that it can be daunting to arrive in a new country, maybe for the first time, so that’s why it is nice to meet passengers at the airport and welcome them. Depending on the number of passengers arriving at the same time as, they will be met by either a taxi or a coach. Passengers must be met in the Arrivals Hall and shown to your transportation.

Functional areas- airside

Departure gate
It’s where you go to wait for your flight and show the staff there your passport and boarding card to get on your flight. This is where you might have to sit down and wait patiently for your flight to be ready, when you have been informed that the doors have opened and the flight is ready you will then queue up and have your passport and flight ticket in your hand and ready to show to a member of staff.

Outbound and inbound Ramp operations
The staffs who work around the plane to make sure it’s safe and ready to depart for example checking the weight limit of the plane and being sure that the plane’s engine is safe and it will be safe during the flight to also make sure the flight runs smoothly and the passengers safety is their priority. Air traffic control

A service provided by ground-based controllers who direct aircraft on the ground and through controlled airspace. The primary purpose of ATC systems worldwide is to separate aircraft to prevent collisions, to organize and expedite the flow of traffic, and to provide...
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