Travel and Tourism

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  • Published : March 18, 2012
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New Specifications: for teaching from September 2008

Travel and Tourism

GCE AS and A Travel & Tourism Teachers' Guide 1

GCE AS and A Level Travel and Tourism Teachers' Guide (03/09/10)

1. Introduction 1.1 - Rationale 1.2 - Overview of New Specification Support for Teachers 2.1 - Resources 2.2 - NGfL Cymru 2.3 - Websites Unit Guides AS 3.1 - Unit 1 : Introducing Travel and Tourism 3.2 - Unit 2 : Investigating Tourism Destinations 3.3 - Unit 3 : Marketing in Travel and Tourism 3.4 - Unit 4 : Working with customers in Travel and Tourism 3 4 4 6 7 7 8 10 10 14 22 26




Unit Guides A2 3.5 - Unit 5 : Tourism Impacts and Tourism Development 3.6 - Unit 6 : Trends and Issues in Travel and Tourism 3.7 - Unit 7 : Managing Travel & Tourism Organisations 3.8 - Unit 8 : Managing Travel & Tourism Organisations Assessment Guidance Contributors to the Teachers' Guide

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Appendix 1: Section C Witness Statements and Student Evaluation

GCE AS and A Travel & Tourism Teachers' Guide 3


The WJEC AS and A2 Travel and Tourism specification has been available from September 2008. This is a new specification which follows the new GCE criteria and format with two units comprising an AS qualification and four units required for an A level. Double awards at AS, comprised of four units and A level comprised of eight units are also available. For both AS and A level specifications there will be a combination of assessment by external examination (40%) and one portfolio which is internally assessed (60%). In both the AS and A level single award specifications candidates have a choice of the portfolio they choose to present for assessment. The first AS awards will be made summer 2009 and the first A level awards in summer 2010. For the first availability of units, see page 2 of the specification. The specification can be delivered and assessed in centres throughout the UK and overseas. This Guide is one of a number of ways in which the WJEC provides assistance to teachers delivering the new specification. Also essential to its introduction are the Specimen Assessment Materials (question papers and marking schemes) and professional development (INSET) conferences. Contact Points for GCE Travel and tourism are as follows: (Subject Officer) (Administrative Support Officer) Subject page INSET Section

GCE AS and A Travel and Tourism Teachers' Guide 4



The Travel and Tourism specification builds on the broad educational framework set out in the AS and Advanced GCE General and Subject Criteria developed by the Qualification and Curriculum Authority and is designed to allow candidates flexible progression routes. The specification is suitable for candidates requiring a broad background in the subject of travel and tourism as well as an understanding of the travel and tourism industry. Thus, the specification will provide an opportunity for candidates to progress into employment, training or higher education. The specification provides candidates with the opportunity to acquire a range of general and vocationally-related skills, knowledge and understanding.


Overview of the Specification

The content of the specification is divided into eight units and four awards are available:   Single AS award. This award consists of two units. Unit 1 is compulsory and candidates may choose to study either Unit 2 or Unit 4. Single A level award. This award consists of four units. Two AS units (Unit 1 and either 2 or 4) plus two A2 units: Unit 5, which is compulsory and either Unit 6 or Unit 8. Double AS award. This award consists of all four AS units. Double A level award. This award consists of all eight units.

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GCE AS and A Travel & Tourism Teachers' Guide 5

AS Units
T&T1 -...
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