Transitions from Preschool to Kindergarten

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Transition from Preschool to Kindergarten

Today, I’m going to talk about “Transition from preschool to kindergarten”. Transition is when you move from a familiar place to an unfamiliar place where you are separated from your friends or families. If you have ever made a move from one location to another or separated from friends, you know how hard a transition can be. Going from a known, comfortable environment to one that is different and unfamiliar can be very stressful. This is often how young children feel as they move from preschool to kindergarten. For a young child to experience transition from preschool to kindergarten is very hard for him or her, if a smooth transition is not given to the children, they might face difficulty in studying and unable to cope with what the teacher is teaching in the classroom. Therefore, appropriate activities must be provided to young children to ease their anxieties about leaving a familiar environment for an unfamiliar one. As teachers, we have a responsibility to facilitate that change. Preschool refers to the first formal academic classroom-based learning environment that a child customarily attends in the. It begins around the age of two to five in order to prepare for the more didactic and academically intensive kindergarten, the traditional "first" class that school children participate in. On the other hand, it acts as a way to prepare children (especially those of a disadvantaged population) to better succeed in a kindergarten. Kindergarten is a form of education for young children which serves as a transition from home to the commencement of more formal schooling. Children are taught to develop basic skills through creative play and social interaction. In most countries kindergarten is part of the preschool system. Children usually attend kindergarten after the age of five depending on the local custom. Transition activities are very important to preschoolers as they enter from preschool to kindergarten. This is because they move from a place where they had already spent a lot of time there to a place that is completely strange for them. Some preschoolers might not get use to the routines in kindergarten. In preschool, a child often just play around without attending class formally and teacher also doesn’t give a lot of worksheets to do while in kindergarten is a place where more formal teaching is provided. Children might not get used to it and will resist on not wanting to go to kindergarten. A study had been made by the National Center for Early Development & Learning, the result show that of nearly 3,600 kindergarten teachers nationwide, 48 percent of children have moderate to serious problems transitioning to kindergarten. This result has indicated that nearly half of the children are experiencing trouble transitioning from preschool to formal schooling. It is very important to provide a smooth transition to young children. If a smooth transition is provided to young children, he or she might not find it difficult to study in kindergarten. If children feel comfortable in the place that they are studying, it will boost up their self-confidence. They will not feel afraid to be friends with others and will eagerly come to class everyday as they found out that it is fun attending kindergarten. If the children can overcome transition with confidence, they have a bigger chance to succeed in the future. It is because this period is important as it will determine the child’s perception on education. During this period behavior is shaped and attitudes are formed that will influence children throughout their education” (PTA and Head Start, 1999). According to Sharon Lynn Kagan, “Transitions are those activities that support the principle of continuity for young children” There are a lot of activities that can be held in providing a smooth transition to young children from preschool to kindergarten. In order to provide a smooth transition to...
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