Transformational Leadership in Nursing

Topics: Management, Leadership, Nursing Pages: 4 (1008 words) Published: April 25, 2012
Transformational Leadership

In today’s healthcare system, effective leadership is essential to improving and reaching organizational outcomes. A leader is someone with the ability to influence others but, an effective leader uses positive strategies to inspire employees to work towards the same goal. Leadership in nursing requires a constant effort to motivate others to become part of the organizational transformation. This can be achieved using a transformational leadership style with a focus on communication, motivation, and empowerment. Transformational leadership has been successful in the health care industry due to the visionary approach and adaptability when faced with obstacles. Transformational leaders succeed regardless of restraining factors due to their ability to explore new ways to deliver results and find new approaches in managing resources in the ever-changing health care environment (Samuel, 2003). This type of leadership is inspirational, promotes employee development, uses individual consideration with followers, encourages follower creativity, and is process-focused (Tomey, 2009). The transformational leader acts as a role model who is charismatic and demonstrates competency and integrity. Nursing leaders must possess these qualities in order to inspire employees to work together towards the common vision of the organization. Clear direction and strategy development is necessary to achieve the common goal. This cannot be completed without use of good communication from the nurse leader. Communicating effectively with staff is vital to being a good leader. Learning the best way to communicate with staff is necessary to guide the team towards the identified goal. Delivering a well organized plan to the team and demonstrating confidence in the plan through their actions allows the staff to trust the nurse leader, builds a positive atmosphere and integrates the transformational leadership style into their practice. “By...
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