Trangender Informative

Topics: Dana White, Transgender Pages: 4 (747 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Marshall Gibson
Com 1
Instructor: Rodney C. Stinson

“ DO You Really Know”?

Topic:Transgender (LGBT)
General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience of how the Transgender (LGBT) community has impacted social media. Central:Today , I will first cover the transgender UFC fighter Fallon Fox and the impact on social media, secondly, why Transgender’ have come out/ but not, Finally how Transgender (LGBT) have made social media lucrative and become marketable.


A.Attention Getter: “ How you doing” ? , “ Gone with the wind Fabulous” Myckki Blanco and Kye Allums what does all tof this have in common?
B.Main Thesis: Transgender (LGBT) community have become lucrative and impact venture in society.
C.Establish Credibility: Researching via internet and some magazines I’ve found some cool updates on transgender (LGBT) and media.
D.Preview: Today, I will first discuss a cool update on new transgender UFC fighter Fallon Fox, secondly why transgender (LGBT) community are more public/ but still not to social media, finally how transgender have made social media lucrative and made other markets profitable ventures.

Transition: Now, let me first update you on transgender UFC fighter Fallon Fox making social Buzz.


I. Fallon Fox is the first transgender UFC fighter (Female op) A. Fallon Fox was technically born a male.
1. Fallon fox is 37 years old
2. Fox began supplemental hormonal therapy in 2006.
B. According to an article by Charming Bell on Fallon Fox from Madamenoire magazine/blog Written march 7.
1. Fallon Fox is a premature fighter.
a. Fallon Fox technically has won matches by woman never fought or won any matches .
b. Fox however embodies a standard physique as an average female- born UFC fighter. C. However, According to Dana White UFC President, by Dann Supp march 13 of
1. Dana...
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