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TRAINING REPORT (Production Department)

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Mr.R.Miglani Gauer


Production Dept B.Tech(ME) IYM PVT LTD.
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Description Certificate Acknowledgement Purpose of internship Introduction History of Yamaha Overview India Yamaha Motors Vision Mission Manufacturing in Yamaha Quality Engineering Paint Shop Project On Any Abnormality in Pretreatment Process

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This is to certify that the project entitled “Any Abnormality in Pretreatment Process(Fuel Tank)” has been carried out by SUMIT GAUR under my guidance in partial fulfillment of the requirement of the case study during summer training. To the best of my knowledge and belief this work has not been submitted elsewhere for any purpose.

Mr. HEAD Head & project leader Paint Shop Division)

P.K Mr R. Miglani

Arora Deptt. (Q.E -

I express my gratitude to all the people at INDIA YAMAHA MOTOR PVT. LTD who helped me to gain the valuable knowledge and experience. I have no doubt that my choice of training at IYM was right. The exposure and experience gained at IYM has been unique. The Yamaha family teaches strict self discipline and goal oriented approach. I would like to thank my mentor at Yamaha Mr. R..Miglani, Mr. P.K Arora acquainted with the work ethics of the organization and motivating me at each

and every step so that I achieve my goal at Yamaha with perfection. Last but not the least I would like to thank Quality Engineering department for their cooperative behavior.

The importance of practical on the job training in the industry for engineering student cannot be over emphasized. Industrial training plays the most important role in an engineering student’s life to make him a successful engineer. It provides the student with an opportunity to gain valuable experience on practical application of their technical knowledge.

At SIET College of Engineering, great emphasis is laid on-thejob training an industrial training. This is an integral part of curriculum. This six week industrial summer training (15th June to 31st July, 2009), after six semester is in-built in to the B-Tech. program.

Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd. Was founded in 1955 with Genichi kawakami as the first president. Today, Yamaha Motor is the world second largest producer of motorcycle .It also produces many other motorized vehicles such as all-terrain vehicle boats snowmobiles, Outboard motors and personal watercraft .Takashi kajikawa is the current president of Yamaha Motor Corporation. The corporation has 109 consolidated subsidiaries as on March 31st march, 2008. Yamaha motor corporation stated aim is to bring people to great joy , happiness and to create Kando (touching heart )in their lives As a company that makes the world its field and offer product for the land , the water , the snowfields and the sky , Yamaha motor strives to be a company that “ offer

New excitement and a more fulfillment life for people all over the world” and to use its ingenuity and passion to realize people ’dreams and always be the ones they look for “the next Kando”. Kando is the Japanese world that captures the intense excitement and deep satisfaction people feel .when they experience truly of exceptional value. Yamaha motor seeks to make Kando a distinctive benefit of everything we do by creating product and services that consistently exceed your expectations.

The history of Yamaha is a history of unending “challenges”

1955 1959 1960 1963

Mile Stones
Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. was founded with Genichi Kawakami as the first President Kitagawa Motor Co., Ltd. joins Yamaha Motor group. Yamaha International Corporation (YIC) founded in U.S. First Yamaha outboard motor "P-7" released Nationwide Yamaha Kai (authorized...
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