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foreign languages applied-translation

A-four-week-training at a legal environment
Said Oujaani
university ibntofail, faculty of humanities and human science, kenitra, morocco.,e.n.t:http/

A report of training at Legal Translation
08/05/ 2012
Executed by said Oujaani
Submitted for the 6th semester of foreign languages applied-translation for studies’ termination.
Bachelor’s degree-granting

Advisory professor:
Mr. Alaoui Ahmed

1. Translating Legal language
A. Pleasures of translating legal texts (success)
B. legal translation difficulties (failure)
2. Five weeks’ Exercised tasks
A. First week (first encounter with work life)
b. Second week (working within a chain)
C. Third week (working individually)
D. Fourth week (translation)
E.Lessons learned at the training

This report’s introduction matches the description of the work space and the importance of training in legal translation with using a mastery of English language. Therefore, What power does English language have in legal issues sourced from the Moroccan regulations and laws or the reverse of the same? The report can also be an occasion to reiterate aspects of success and failure at performing certain tasks. while translating legal issues from English to Arabic or Arabic to English, the laws of the two languages have different features, exigencies and provisions. This could be much clearer with some legal documents, which I have received from the lawyer’s cabinet, skimmed and enfolded in this report. For more specification, a five week’s training at least offers the trainee (me) a fresh breath to know and realize the work life with all the tasks I undergo and the findings I come out with. This without doubt would either encourage me to search for more space of trainings for learning new skills and adding competence to my repertoire or start working with intention to be popularly certified.

1. Translating Legal language.
All regimes and statutes issue written regulations or said laws in which language is the common core between the population and its understanding of the duties it has to compel to, and the rights it enjoys. Through the years I study Legal Language and the training period I have spent at the lawyer’s cabinet, I concluded that this topic language uses a unique and coherent style, cohesive context, hierarchy of phrasings and meanings which are manifested in its linguistic texts. It is based on that the legal text is considered a contexture industry having its strings been intertwined, in coordination and harmony, until the editor straightens on the exactly desired aim. If this style knitting of the industry, how much perfected its composition has been, it makes viewers attracted; the same way is the legal text, how perfect its composition has been done, to have the intended target achieved thereof , a discourse directed to all in account of the basic rule whether it is peremptory or planned. This way the legal document translated the pleasures gained by the translator and the tiring difficulties of translating legal texts. a. Pleasures of translating legal documents.

Translation as a continual process leads the translator to further knowledge. s/he enjoys the pleasure of coming up with new lexis to be in the standard level of a sophisticated elite. Respectively, legal papers exposed to translation forces the translator, even if how much knowledge he has, to refer to dictionaries, however, general ones do not ever provide concise equivalence for the lexemes we look for. As far as my experience consent, While I’ve been attempting some translation from Moroccan legal papers to English and vice-versa over a month training-period, the rewriting of a legal document that takes place partly within the community of Moroccan speakers, I discovered that the...
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