Training Questionnaire

Topics: Management, Training, Employment Pages: 2 (284 words) Published: March 11, 2013
1. How many employees are there in your store?
2. What is there qualification?
a. Grade 12 certificate
b. Diploma
c. Degree
d. Post-graduate
e. Any other _____________________________________
3. Do you believe in training?
4. Are you providing any sales training?
5. How many training days per employee are provided in a year? ________________________________________________
6. How many times training is provided in a year?
7. When is training provided to your employees :-
a. Planned and systematically administrated?
b. Provided only when any problem occurs?
c. Spontaneously as a reaction to what the competitors are doing? d. Any other______________________________________

8. Which target group undergoes most of the trainings :-
a. Managers
b. Junior staff
c. New staff
d. Everyone is given equal amount of training
9. Process for training :-
a. Month at which it starts?
b. For annual training process what calendar year is taken? ______________________________________________
10. For what time period the training is given?
11. What are the various methods used for training by your store? a. Class room training from senior staff
b. Hiring sales coach
c. Role playing
d. Business games
e. Job rotation
f. Training institutes
g. Case studies
h. Online training, e-learning
i. Peer (colleagues) training
j. Training by the owner
k. Any other _____________________________________
12. Percentage of total employee cost allocated for training and development a. Less than 1% of budget
b. 1-2% of budget
c. 3-5% of budget...
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