Traffic Jam

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Ever had to sit in a traffic jam with absolutely nothing to do? I can almost bet you have!They are inevitable and can sneak up on you anytime, catching you unawares and unprepared.

Most of the time you just sit and sit and watch as time moves forward at a faster pace than what you normally expect it to, because most of the time, we're always in a hurry when we hit traffic jams and time always seems to move faster, and later through the day we find ourselves pressed for time. Most of the time we just get upset, say a few curse words, honk horns, punch the dashboard and re arrange our faces into the angriest shape so that when people drive past they also feel angry just looking at you. However, we still sit, and nothing happens, and therefore we have nothing to do but sit. There is usually something you can do while you wait, even if you don’t have any playing cards or cool games on you phone to help you pass the time. Most of time you can only do fun things when your actually driving which is not exactly helpful when 99% of the class here are going to only start driving in three or four years. So here are a few fun, yet interesting things you could try in order to keep you occupied while stuck in a traffic jam. First of all, open all your doors to catch the motorcycles that try to drive between the cars, I personally like this option. Next stare seriously at the guy to your left and watch as nervously tries to find something to do with his fidgety hands. Watch him move around franticly and then secretly laugh to yourself without him catching you. Traffic jams are also the very place where you can examine the contents of your own nose! Slow and detailed cleaning and examination of your nose will bring sense to your life and make your fingers flexible and strong.

Another way to get out of a traffic jam quickly is to sell your car and buy a new one closer to where your going but this option does not always work out the way you think it will. If this still...
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