Driving Etiquette: No Longer Staple of Modern Drivers

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  • Published : May 30, 2013
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Driver Etiquette
As drivers, we feel we are entitled to be on the road. We have taken courses, shown our competencies by passing a state exam, and are handed a driver’s license in return. Like most others, we want to get from point A to point B. Unfortunately, not all of us have the same manners. We find ourselves on the roads with other drivers who have either never learned common courtesy, are clueless, or are just plain aggressive. Basic driving etiquette no longer seems to be a staple of modern drivers.

Have you ever come back to your parked car only to return to find that you can’t even squeeze yourself back into it because the car next to yours is parked too close? Now you slowly and strategically open your door; contorting your body in positions it wasn’t meant to bend. Now you’re wishing you had taken a yoga class just to be flexible enough to figure out this maneuver. Never mind that you’re trying not to scratch the other car in the process. God forbid they should leave you enough space as a courtesy. You’ve paid enough money for your car already; you certainly don’t need to add a scratch job to this expense as well.

Ever be stuck in a traffic jam on the highway and wonder why no one seems to be moving? Your thoughts turn to a horrible accident that is most likely up ahead. Now you’re concerned for the driver who might be involved in such a predicament. Do they need assistance? Was an ambulance summoned? Good grief, you just hope they’re still alive! When the speed of traffic picks up, you see someone that is changing their tire on the opposite side of the highway. Really?! You could have gotten to work on time if those other drivers had common courtesy to pay attention to their own driving instead of someone changing a tire.

Sorry to say, but some drivers are just plain clueless. What is it with drivers that can’t turn their directional signals off? You’ll be driving behind them for miles and every time their brake light...
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