Traffic Data Collection

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Department of Civil Engineering CE 5203 Traffic Flow and Control

1.0 INTRODUCTION The measurement of traffic volumes is one of the most basic functions of highway planning and management. Traffic counting can include volume, direction of travel, vehicle classification, speed, and lane position. In this Exercise 1 the objectives are:  To understand how to observe, classify traffic by space, time and modes on Clementi Avenue 6 in direction from AYE to PIE road;  To describe the traffic conditions (qualitatively) on this road section;  To measure the traffic and categorize by time interval, lane position, vehicle types. 2.0 DATA COLLECTION METHOD 2.1 Traffic measurement Data collection is a critical step in the analysis process of traffic counts. Knowing what to collect, when to collect, how long to collect, where to collect, and how to manage the data must be addressed before starting the collection. In this Exercise 1, several matters should be considered before do the traffic counts.  A marked line- a certain line should be set as a reference to count vehicles. We count vehicle when they cross the lines drawn on the screen from the front bumper touching the line within strict lane discipline.  Interval length-as traffic count is discrete, it is necessary to choose an appropriate time interval to set vehicles into different groups. In our exercise the interval is predetermined as 5-min by the lecturer.  Vehicle type-we divide vehicles into 4 groups including car, bus, lorry and motorcycle.  Choosing lane- traffic lanes are often referred to by number. The right or “fast” lane is called the “Number 1 Lane.” The lane to the left of the “Number 1 Lane” is called the “Number 2 Lane”, then the “Number 3 Lane”,  Road type: Motorways, urban roads, and inter-urban roads. Road type is one of the differentiating characteristics included in the calculation of the traffic counts. 2.2 Data collection and relevant information needed Data collection sites of one direction from AYE to PIE is using camcorder and video technologies. However, several problems on data collection are adresses below:  The observer records count data by videotaping traffic. Therefore traffic volumes can be counted by viewing videotapes recorded with a camera at a collection site. However, there is no a digital clock in the video image which can prove useful in noting time intervals.  In regards to position of camcorder, it is necessary to set strategically positioned, to capture along of highway section. This allowed for the viewing of the entire highway width in one direction. Besides video recording technique, onsite surveys were essential for collecting roadway geometry and characteristics.  In this Exercise, the count period is representative by the 5 minute to 30 minute count interval from 6.50 AM-7.20 AM.  However, in order to represent real traffic condition, the count period itself should be represent the time of day, day of month, and month of year for the study area.


Department of Civil Engineering CE 5203 Traffic Flow and Control

3.0 TRAFFIC CONDITIONS As can be seen from the videotape recording, in general the characteristic of traffic on Clementi Avenue 6 from direction of AYE to PIE segments can be characterised as heterogenous traffic during period of count. During period of count the vehicles traffic in this segment has strict lane discipline and has traffic various types whose dimensions vary much. However, in order to describe the real problems of traffic condition, I will describe the characteristic of road geometry, lane position and lane traffic markings which will be affected the decision of lane changing behavior of drivers or vehicles. This issue will be explained by road figure below were obtained from the Google Maps...
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