Traditional Respect and Education

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Traditional Respect in Education
Each period of life always remains in a person’s memory no matter how good or bad. This seems like a law of life, and I am a part of the circle of human life. Therefore, I have some unforgettable memories which go along with me and affect my life. These experiences occurred throughout my education. I remember in elementary school where I really did not understand why did the school was so strict. However, I just followed the teacher’s discipline because I was scared. Now when I look back, I whisper a thank you to my teachers for their austere discipline. They made me submissive and taught me a sense of respect for others. In short, traditional respect toward others in education served to make me docile and affected my life to this day. First of all, in elementary school I was taught about traditional respect, and at that time I did not understand what it was. I just accepted it and acted as a machine, and sometimes I did so for the grade. Conduct was more important than evaluation which I earned from knowledge. I could fail classes by having poor conduct even though I was an excellent pupil. Traditional respect includes bowing one’s head not only for teachers but also for elderly people. As an attitude of respect for teachers before and after classes, students had to stand up to greet teachers with serious posture until the teachers said or gestured “please sit down.” This respect was not just for teachers but for others as well. Furthermore, in classes we had our own seats, so we could not sit in another’s place without permission from the teachers. Therefore, those rules helped us learn to ask before we wanted to do something, not do whatever we wanted without the authorization. As a result we had a good relationship between other students based on respect. Moreover, we could not talk to others while teachers were talking. If we did, the teachers called our name and we; had to stand up how much time depended...
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