Orientation Week 1 Assignment 1

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The difference between a casual conversation between friends and a casual conversation between classmates are casual conversations amongst friends usually pertain to personal life discussions for example what you had to eat that morning, who you had recently ran into at work, and about about personal problems at home or relationships. Where in a college class conversation is more formal, you have conversations consisting with the following like topics, your future goals, assignment tips, and what motivates you. To narrow down the differences between the both of them, a casual conversation with a friend is about personal life discussions that are not appropriate to be discussed in school. And a casual college class conversation is where you talk about everyone’s goals they hope to obtain during and after their degree, and what careers you want to get into after you have successfully completed you’re degree. College is where you can express your ideas and opinions to your fellow classmates and have them respond with their ideas and opinions as well. And when these ideas are written down you are more careful to use correct grammar and conscious of what you say and how your tone may sound like. And where you are writing a letter to a friend you may be one to use short hand and not aware of your tone. College conversations and casual conversations amongst friends are very different indeed. College is more formal and professional where conversations between friends are more laid back, relaxed, and personal.

Three different ways you can demonstrate respect to your fellow classmates is one, watch the tone you are using when communicating with your classmates. Be careful not to use all upper case letters or sound sarcastic. Secondly, acknowledge what your classmates say and respond with their feeling in mind, do not be rude or show anger. And lastly, be understanding and open minded to your classmate’s thoughts, ideas, and opinions.
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