Explain and Analyse Different Ways to Establish Ground Rules for Learners to Promote Respect for Others

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  • Published : April 6, 2013
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Explain and analyse different ways to establish ground rules for learners

to promote respect for others

It is important that everyone in a learning group either workplace based or in a classroom setting are able to take part and contribute, through listening, speaking and actively participating. To achieve this there needs to be an ethos in both the workplace and the classroom which promotes inclusion and mutual respect amongst peers and with the tutor. This can be achieved by establishing effective ground rules at the start of a course. Tuckman (Francis and Gould (2013: 18)) 'The creating of 'norms', expectations or rules is a natural part of the development of the group. Learners need a sense of structure and will feel psychologically safer if they know what is expected of them'. Learners will have already come across institutional rules relating to zero tolerance of bullying, general health and safety, smoking use of mobile phone etc as part of the general induction programme. What we are forming is a contract/agreement more to do with attitudes and behaviour within the immediate teaching environment. This agreement will contribute towards the efficient and smooth running of the sessions, facilitate learning and create an atmosphere where all learners and the tutor have a level of respect for one another. Francis and Gould (2013: 15) agree 'that generally we learn best when we are relaxed and feel comfortable with what we are experiencing in the teaching environment - when we feel secure and largely free from anxiety'. Maslow ((1943) In (Francais and Gould 2013 : 36) maintains that 'some of these needs take priority over others – they exist in a hierarchy'. Maslow confirms that 'there is a need to address the physical and social environments before motivation is focused on learning'. Maslow suggests that 'what motivates learners is the internal need to achieve their potential'. Again having these needs met will contribute towards the efficient...
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