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What is TQM?

TQM is an intervention process that focuses on continuous improvement. Top management must actively support it. Every department in the organization must be involved. TQM must be a part of the company culture. Suppliers and customers must be a part of the process. Products and services need to be done faster, and they need to be right the first time. GxP”, a general term for the Good Practice quality guidelines and regulations used in many fields including the pharmaceutical industry, is designed to ensure product safety and integrity during the manufacturing, control, storage and distribution phases. Although the basis for the transportation/courier industry rests primarily in …………

* Good Distribution Practice (GDP)
* Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
* Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and
* Good Storage Practice (GSP).

 Total Quality Management or TQM is an integrative management philosophy aimed at continuously improving the performance of products, processes and services to achieve and surpass customer expectations ( and , 2001). It was a management approach originally developed for improving manufacturing. However, it has recently shown its significance in service industries for improving the quality of service and customer satisfaction which has resulted in increased competitive advantage ( and , 2001). One of the service industries that have already joined the TQM bandwagon is the shipping sector. Certain courier companies such as Federal Express Corporation (FedEx), the United Parcel Service (UPS) and US Postal Service (USPS) already applied the principles of TQM in their operations (2003). They have shifted from efficiency to quality in order to remain competitive in changing environment of the global shipping industry where customer service seems to have become an imperative (, 2003). But the implementation of TQM is not as “easy as one two three”. Effective implementation of the management principle requires participation of every employee including top management and middle management. Initiating it requires introducing the principle clearly into every employee in the company. Then, after being aware, participation should be enforced. This stage can be considered as the hardest among other stages in TQM application. Thus, employee empowerment seems to be one of the ways in ensuring that employees have the will to participate, not just in TQM, but on every new management programs to be adopted. Basically, it can be said that the performance of the employee is determined by satisfaction. Satisfaction empowers or enhances responses.

This can be further illustrated in the model (Q + R) X S = P. It means to express that the combination of quality and response enhanced by satisfaction could lead to performance. This model will be related to certain facts about TQM, as well employee empowerment, and the courier industry in India.


First Flight Couriers came into being on Monday, 17th November 1986. It all began with the setting up of three offices at Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi. The overwhelming response from customers was not just a dream come true, but the fruits of anearly realization and recognition of the tremendous potential that the Indian subcontinent offeredin terms of market size. It was the foresight and dynamism of the Founder Chairman and Managing Director, O. P. Saboo which created a spring board for the organization to catapult into what it is today –India’s Largest Domestic Courier Company.

•930 First Flight Offices across India
•2208 Authorized Collection Centers
•452 Franchisee Locations
•Serving over...
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