Toyota Case Study

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Toyota Case Study:
Toyota has manufactured their own core values of service stemming from ongoing communication about their demands and campaigning the idea of building a long-term relationship with the customer and not just a short sale. Toyota also focuses on the customer as the ultimate driving force of all operations. They cover a significant range of people and their needs, tailoring all of their vehicles from trucks to hybrids for the specific buyer. The Prius is a hybrid vehicle, which most likely is driven by someone who is concerned for the environment. The Tundra is a truck for a person who may need to transport large items, such as a construction worker or someone who has a boat. There is the Camry, forerunner, and corolla, which are all different models who capture a person’s personality and needs for a bigger or smaller vehicle depending on their family size and travel commitments. I think that is one of the most significant points that Toyota has in their favor; they provide for all ages, all professions, and promote convenience for the buyer.

Toyota has locations worldwide; one human error can affect thousands of cars and cost the company a small fortune therefore it is important for them to ensure that their vehicles are manufactured correctly and promptly. Their supply chain management team needs to consist of detail-oriented persons so that they can catch the flaws before the product goes to market. I think Toyota has set the bar high in terms of quality and this is shown through their shelf life. Toyota vehicles have a history of lasting many years. Personally, my first car was a Toyota and it had been passed down from my brother to me and then I passed it down to my younger brother. That’s pretty amazing and I guarantee I am not the only one whose experienced this. People purchase vehicles because of their quality. Buying a car is very different than buying clothes or sneakers; a car is expected to last many years and carry the same value...
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