Toying with Success: the Mcfarlane Companies

Topics: Management, Marvel Comics, Todd McFarlane Pages: 1 (378 words) Published: April 19, 2013
1. What personality traits do leaders like Todd McFarlane possess that distinguish them from other individuals? Todd McFarlane is a dreamer who had his eyes set on becoming a major league baseball player. However do to some minor setbacks that dream did not come to pass but McFarlane being the strong minded individual he is, did not let that stop him from dreaming. Todd carried on from this stumbling block and decided to pursue another interest that he had developed as a teenager and that was drawing super-heroes. After hundreds of failed attempts he found himself landing a job with Marvel comics as a freelancer. Todd worked with Marvel for quite some time until creative differences forced him to leave the company and eventually into an entrepreneurship. During this entrepreneurship Todd McFarland became a very successful business owner and global icon thanks to his “Spawn” comicbook. The personality treats that Todd McFarland or an individual very much like himself possesses are being self-aware, charismatic, persistent, and driven. 2. How have global competition and technology advances changed business conditions and leadership challenges? Global competition and technology advances have changed business conditions and leadership challenges drastically. Global competition is greater than ever, especially with the extremely huge number of good and services that the United States imports from overseas. Today’s businesses and organizations have to worry about any element that they didn’t have to worry about as much 50 years ago. Along with the aid of the internet and customers being able to shop from home, technology advances have created drastic change as well. In order for a business to survive today, a leader must take into consideration all of his/her competition, both foreign and domestic. This leader must learn the benefits and consequences of importing and exporting goods globally. How global competition can affect his/her company’s revenue. The aid of the...
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