Tourism Pat Grade: 12

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Tourism Pat Grade: 12

By | April 2012
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DBE/PAT 2012

THE PRACTICAL ASSESSMENT TASK FOR TOURISM TEACHER INFORMATION 1. INTRODUCTION The Practical Assessment Task for Tourism should allow the learner to display understanding of the tourism industry as a dynamic economic sector. It should enhance the knowledge, values and skills learners acquired in Grades 10, 11 and 12 about travel practice. The learners must follow the format and structure of the PAT but the end product, which must be in the form of an Information Booklet, should show individuality with regard to the choices in provinces and attractions.

• • • The Practical Assessment Task in Tourism has two phases. The PAT must be started in January and completed and marked by the end of August. The teacher should dedicate regular lesson time in class, for example a double lesson every second week, for learners to work on the PAT under his/her guidance. The majority of the PAT should be done in class and certain sections can be completed as homework.

2.2 The role of the teacher
• The PAT is a compulsory component of the subject and forms part of the final examination. It should receive the same level of consideration as any other part of a final examination. Prior knowledge from Grades 10 and 11 will be required to complete the PAT. Guidance from the teacher will be needed throughout the task. Work must be done under controlled conditions during the PAT lessons. It is the responsibility of the school and the Tourism teacher to provide the resources. Learners should however be encouraged to access additional resources. Examples of templates for the tour plan, itinerary and the cost of the tour are included. Teachers may not develop templates for other sections of the task. The teacher MUST use the assessment tool provided to standardise marking.

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