Tourism Industry

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Market Analysis of Tourism Industry

Table of Contents
1.0 Abstract2
2.0 Introduction2
3.0 Specific analysis2
3.1 Analysis of macro environmental factors2
3.1.1 The economy3
3.1.2 Social trends3
3.1.3 Political environment3
3.2 Analysis of micro environmental factors4
3.2.1 The targeted customers4
3.2.2 The competitors4
3.2.3 The consumer behaviours4
3.2.4 An internal analysis with a focus on capacity to market.5 4.0 Conclusion6
5.0 References7

1.0 Abstract

As we all know, the tourism service is a smokeless industry, with fast and instant development all over the world. Tourism service, as a form of industry, is able to bring a lot of benefits and interests to a local and national government. First of all, tourism service brings good impact on the economic and cultural development of an area. Additionally, tourism service enables the people from one country get to know more and more about the rest world outside their country. Thus there is no evidence denying the fact that tourism service contributes a great deal to the harmonization and mutual understanding among the people all over the world.

2.0 Introduction

The aim of this report is to give a specific analysis of the marketing of the tourism service. It is going to analyze macro environmental factors concerned with the tourism industry, on the other hand, from the micro perspective, it will also analyze micro environmental factors relating to this industry. In addition, with the SWOT analysis, this report will discuss the five most important environmental factors which may affect the tourism service. However, due to a lack of marketing and promotion, the tourism industry has failed to diversify into areas beyond wildlife, such as culture and beach tourism (Derek, Wade, Mwasaga and Paul, 2001). It is still worth drawing public attention to this fact.

3.0 Specific analysis

3.1 Analysis of macro environmental factors

Nowadays, as is known to all, China is developing with a very rapid speed, with a considerable amount of contribution from tourism industry. Therefore it is interesting to pay attention on analyzing the macro environmental factors that affect the marketing of the tourism service in China. It can be said that the tourism industry is impacted by the economy, the social trends, as well as the political environment in China.

3.1.1 The economy

Since the November 1978, China's economy began reforming and opening up. Up to now China has sustained rapid economic development for the last 30 years, which has drawn the much attention from the rest of world. Due to its fast economic growth, China has become the world's third largest economies. China now holds more than one trillion U.S. dollars of foreign exchange reserves, and has become the first largest trading nation and destination of foreign direct investment. As the fast-developing economy in China, the tourism industry is gained more and more opportunities to be developed, for example, the infrastructure of the tourism industry, and with the adequate economic support, the marketing of tourism service is able to be launched.

3.1.2 Social trends

Because of the increasing income of the Chinese people, now the Chinese people’s demand for more leisure and mental entertainment is rising up. Although China’s tourism industry only began to develop these years, China has great potential for its future development in terms of tourism service with its rich tourism resources and good geographic conditions. With the fast development of information and technology service, the marketing of tourism service will gradually take more advantage of the social media. The practical applications of the new information technologies and its systems will be driven by the very tsunami of the growth of the tourism industry, by its needs to connect with travelers and...
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