Tourism In The Island Of Bali

Topics: Tourism, Water pollution, Natural resource Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: May 10, 2011
Tourism in the island of Bali started to develop only in the 1970s (Thullen, 1996). Most of the tourism activities in South Bali are related to the color of white and blue, which is the natural resource of beaches and seas. Under the water, Bali has many impressive dive sites, visibility underwater is good with warm water temperature of average 27℃ (Bali Tourism Board, 2011). Bali Hotel Villa Blog (2010) suggested that Sea Walking in Sanur and visiting to Lembongan Island and Penida Island for diving and snorkeling are two out of top three must-visit places in Bali. It approved that tourism activities related to the seas are more popular in South Bali. South Bali has a lot of diving and snorkeling areas with lots of colorful hard and soft corals and ample tropical fishes, turtles, dolphins and etc (Bali Tourism Website, 2010). It has become the gateway to experience such enchanting underwater world.

The beaches and waves give visitors in South Bali great opportunities for surfing since South Bali is the gateway for hardcore surfers to explore excellent quality waves (Bali Tourism Website, 2010). In addition, there is a surf school in Kuta provides a new technique of teaching surfing in an interesting way (Odysseys Surf School, 2011). It is definitely one of the tourism activities that fully utilizing the natural resources of the beaches and seas in South Bali.

Almost all of the visitors come to South Bali for the sun, sand, seas and water sports; therefore it makes South Bali a famous place for tourism activities related to the beaches and seas. It is also a significant selling point of South Bali that visitors in South Bali enjoying natural resources in both exciting and relaxing ways.

For the natural resources protection, according to The Jakarta Post dated 12 January 2001, during October 2000, the Indonesian government officially submitted the draft of development plan covered natural resources development and environmental management. The draft...
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