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Topics: Humpback whale, Hawaii, Whale watching Pages: 2 (672 words) Published: September 12, 2012
Maui, Hawaii

If I could go anywhere in the world on a dream vacation, Maui “The Magic Isle” of Hawaii, would most certainly be the place I would choose. The thought of lying on the silk-felt beaches in the blazing sun on the world’s known “Best Island” gives me all the desire to go to Maui, Hawaii. Not only do the heavenly beaches grab my attention, but also the breathtaking scenery Maui offers along with all the finest sights and attractions waiting to be explored. Maui definitely resembles my ultimate dream vacation for these reasons.

One of the reasons I would love to go to Maui is because Maui is known to have world-famous beaches consisting of thirty miles of the most stunning beaches all filled with white soft sand, clear sparkling water, and tall palm trees swaying in the wind. The feeling of the fluffy white sand between my toes immediately puts a smile on my face. Instantly, all I want to do is lie there to get a natural golden tan. Lying there on the beach while listening to the waves rumble and the palm trees sway puts me in the ultimate relaxation stage. The gorgeous view of the ocean sets in the background as I dose off in the glaring sun. Relaxing on the beach is all I really need to satisfy me on vacation so why not relax on one of the most stunning beaches world-wide.

However, there are a few activities that take part at Maui’s beaches other than just relaxing. Maui offers activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving. I can image the colorfully assorted types of fish swimming throughout the clear waters while I’m striving to stay calm as sharks glide by. Examining all the popular reefs would be very striking yet fascinating to see the actual coral formations. These two activities help one see the unseen side of Maui down under.

Another reason I would enjoy visiting Maui is to experience the breathtaking scenery Maui offers. The scenery in Maui offers the finest sights and attractions waiting to be explored. Usually when someone thinks...
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