Tourism in Peru

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Tourism is the largest foreign currency-earner in Peru, which affecting the lives of million people. Tropical rainforests and jungles are always important ecosystem in the world, but now most of them are damaged by people. In Peru, many rainforests were demolished by humans, thus, Peru government has made numerous methods to save the current environment, and one of the methods is ecotourism. In order to protect Peru’s nature based environment, generate money for local economic, achieve conservation and enhance social sustainability, a new ecotourism activities will be presented in this report. The aims of this report are to contribute economics, social, environmental and sustainability to Peru. The report will be divided into 4 main parts: firstly, it describes current forms of tourism and extent to which tourism support sustainable development; secondly, apply Burnett Thorne’s eco-tourism model to design new activity; and then use principle of sustainable development to define ecotourism and offer an ecotourism product to the Manu National Park in Peru; finally, a designed poster will be used to communicate with local communities. Current form of tourism in Peru

Peru is located in South America, which is belongs to subtropical area, it would be warm and humid, so there are many rainforest and jungles in Peru. Because of these fantastic natural landscapes, many travelers select travel to Peru. Based on some data analysis, the inbound tourists will increase between 20 to 25 percent by the end of 2011 (Lima Chamber of Commerce, 2011), most of them are from the USA, Germany, Argentina, Spain and Italy (Walking Peru, 2011). In recent years, many visitors travel to Peru are damaging Peruvian traditional culture and natural environment. When mention about the environmental, Peru now has no a true environment policy, which can face and solve environment problem in comprehensive way (Ugrate & Pacheco, 2010). Tourism activities affect local communities...
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