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Sport and Adventure Tourism

Simon Hudson, PhD Editor

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About the Editor Contributors Foreword Don Schumacher Preface Acknowledgments Chapter 1. An Introduction to Sport and Adventure Tourism Lisa Delpy Neirotti Defining Sport Tourism Sport Tourism: The Supply Side A Profile of the Sport Tourism Industry Adventure Tourism The Future of Sport Tourism Summary Chapter 2. Historical Perspectives of Sport Tourism John Zauhar Introduction Greece: The Foundation The Persian Empire: The Soil and the Soul The Etruscans: Causal Influence Rome: The Aristocratic Expression Byzantium: A Glittering Civilization The Crusades: Picturesque and Eventful The Islamic Scene: Resources of the Earth Europe: The Recovery The Renaissance Period The English Enchantment: Knowledge to Reason xvii xxi 1 2 3 13 14 17 21 27 27 27 29 30 30 32 32 33 34 35 36 ix xi xv

The Eighteenth Century: Dominated by War The Nineteenth Century: The Stepping-Stones Mega Interests of the Twentieth Century Conclusion Chapter 3. Sport Event Tourism: Planning, Development, and Marketing Donald Getz Introduction What Is Sport Event Tourism? The Sport Event Tourist Forces and Trends Shaping Sport Event Tourism Planning, Developing, and Marketing Sport Event Tourism Case Study: Seminole County, Florida, Convention and Visitors Bureau Conclusion Useful Web Sites Chapter 4. Winter Sport Tourism Simon Hudson Evolution of the Market Market Size Destinations Ski Field Location and Development The Consumer Future Prospects Case Study: Whistler Resort in Canada Appendix A: Hotel Markets Area of Origin Appendix B: Demographic Profiles of Whistler’s Seasonal Visitors Relevant Web Sites Chapter 5. Marine Tourism Gayle Jennings Introduction Types of Marine Tourism Marketing Issues

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Management Issues Future Prospects Summary Case Study: Shoalwater Bay in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia Relevant Web Sites Chapter 6. Golf Tourism Mark Readman Introduction Golf History and Development of Golf Tourism The Development and Use of Golf As a Destination Marketing Tool Reasons for the Development of the Golf Tourism Product The Golf Market Product The World Golf Tourism Market Golf Tourism Effects Case Studies Conclusion Relevant Web Sites Chapter 7. Adventure Tourism Paul Beedie Introduction The Commodification of Adventure What Is Adventure Tourism? Mountains and Commodification Theoretical Connections Case Study 1: Trekking in Nepal Influences upon British Adventure Tourism The Role of the Guide The Control of Information The Importance of Technological Developments Case Study 2: The Foundry Climbing Centre Conclusion: The Future Relevant Web Sites

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Chapter 8. The Business of Adventure Tourism Ross Cloutier Introduction The Evolution from Lifestyle to Business The Business Mosaic Adventure Business Administration Adventure Business Management Adventure...
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