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Problem Statement
The growth and development of tourism in Trinidad from 2002–2007 and its effects on the economy and society.

Statement of the Problem
Tourism plays a major role in the growth and development of Trinidad. Many initiatives have been put in place to expand the industry. The government of Trinidad is committed to establishing and implementing standards of development and maintenance for the tourism industry. They try to maintain all the tourist attractions such as beaches and museums. The government also tries to expand the tourism sector by different marketing schemes and promotions. This serves to inform persons in different parts of the world interested in visiting the country. The number of tourists visiting Trinidad has increased over the research period, 2002-2007. Statistical evidence gathered by the Tourism Development Board of Trinidad illustrated that over the research period of 2002-2007 the number of tourist coming to Trinidad varied from year to year. During the years 2002-2005, the total number of visitors arriving in Trinidad increased from approximately 390,000 to 460,000. The total number of tourists visiting Trinidad over this period rose by 70,000. In 2005 tourist arrivals hit its pinnacle. The total number of tourists visiting Trinidad in this year equalled 455,000. In 2006-2007, visitor arrivals fell from 455,000 to 445,000. Thus, the number of visitors fell by 10,000 over the last two year period. Even though there was a decline in visitors in the last two years, there was still an overall increase in tourists to Trinidad over the research period. Tourism in Trinidad has both positive and negative effects on the economy and the wider society. Some of the positive effects of tourism include: providing entrepreneurial opportunities, allowing rural communities to share in the benefits of sustainable development, providing social stability and generating foreign currency. The negative effects include: criminal activity, poor infrastructure, poor customer service in different businesses and environmental degradation.  

Purpose of Research
The purpose of this research paper is to illustrate the impact, growth and development of tourism has on the economy of Trinidad. It also seeks to demonstrate the revenue potential of the tourism sector, given that the oil and gas industries are the main source of revenue for Trinidad. Tourism has great revenue potential, but requires strategic plans to make it one of the main sources of revenue for the country. The government can undertake different initiatives to improve tourism in Trinidad. These initiatives, if properly implemented can positively influence many aspects of our society namely, generating employment opportunities, bringing in foreign currency and helping preserve the environment.  

Educational Value
Tourism is not considered a main revenue earner for our nation. Trinidad depends mainly on the energy sector in being the main revenue earner for the nation. This research paper explains what the benefits of tourism are and how it can help the country become more economically diverse. Also it gives insight on what can be done to improve all the faults of the sector. This project aims at informing others about hoe the growth and development of tourism can improve our society tremendously.  

Glossary of Terms
1.Tourism – travel for recreational, leisure and business purposes. 2.GDP( Gross Domestic Product) – refers to the market value of all final goods and services produced within a country in a given period 3.Degradation – a decline to a lower condition, quality or level. 4.Infrastructure – the services and facilities necessary for an economy to function. 5.Economic Diversity – when a country has income from many different sources that are not directly related to each other.

Literature Review
Three research articles were reviewed to obtain background knowledge on the growth and development of tourism. These three articles...
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